New PhD-Level Course: 'Migration Theory: Perspectives on Time and Temporalities'

News –17 February 2022

New PhD-Level Course: 'Migration Theory: Perspectives on Time and Temporalities'

PRIO invites applications for this course, which will be taught in person in Oslo in June 2022. The application deadline is 18 April.

​​This course explores the diverse roles of time in migration processes, as a key vantage point on migration theory. It is suited for doctural students across the social sciences and humanities who do research on migration-related topics.

The course consists of two parts: one day of online teaching, Monday 20 June, and two days on site in Oslo the following week, 27-28 June. The course is organized in conjunction with the IMISCOE Annual Conference, Europe's largest academic conference on migration, which takes place in Oslo from 29 June to 1 July. 

The content of the course deliberately spans diverse approaches to the study of time, from quantitative analyses of time series to ethnographic research on experiential temporalities. This broad scope fosters theoretical sensitivity and versatility. Key concepts in the course include linear time, historical time, biographical time, past, present, future, time-space, flows, trajectories, moments, rhythms, cycles, tempos, trends, synchronicity, conjuncture, disjuncture, hope, waiting, life course, and generation. The course connects these concepts to to mobility and immobility, migration processes, transnationalism, and the impacts of emigration and immigration. It combines a theoretical focus on time and temporalities with attention to the ways in which temporal dimensions are reflected in key approaches to migration theory. The lecturers draw upon their own migration research experience, across themes, contexts and methods. The expected outcome is for participants to develop their analytical awareness and dexterity in engaging with the temporal dimensions of migration.

The course is taught by Research Professors Jørgen Carling and Marta Bivand Erdal.

The application deadline for the course is 18 April. Please see the full announcement for additional information and the application form.