Classics in Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University

Invitation to PhD Course

News –01 March 2016

​Uppsala University is holding a course on Classics in Peace and Conflict Research this spring led by Professor Peter Wallensteen. Please note the extended yet very close deadline in the details below.

The objective of the course is to identify basic thoughts (theories, assumptions) about causes of war the possibilities for peace (mostly between states) and implications for a possible peaceful order, within​ and be​tween states, or in the world at large.

The literatur​e covers classics from Machiavelli, More, Hobbes and Kant to contemporary works of Tickner, Singer, Galtung and literature chosen by the participants.

The format is literature studies and seminars. Each participant makes a short verbal presentation at​​ each meeting based on the required readings and a summary is circulated the day before. Each presentation describes the context in which the work and its author is located, the debate this work may connect to, and some of the thoughts the author develops.

There will be four seminars in the time span of April-August 2016. A joint planning session will be held before the c​​ourse starts where the participants and the course convener agree on the schedule.

Maximum five students will be admitted to the course. The application should include an argument for why this course​​ is important to the prospective participant and a brief on his/her dissertation project. Applications should be submitted by March 1, 2016.

Send you inquiries a​​nd application in an email to Professor Peter Wallensteen (