Nina Maureen Cadorin

University of Oslo, Political Science Department

Nina Maureen Cadorin

The Security Apparatus and Conflict Dynamics

A state’s security apparatus is a key player both in revolutionary contexts and transitioning periods post-conflict. How a police force or military interacts with protesters, civilians, or ex-combatants can spark conflict or deescalate tense situations. This PhD looks at the security apparatus’ role in revolutionary contexts with resistance movements, but also in the context of peace building measures such as DDR programs.

In revolutionary contexts, I focus on the relationships between the security apparatus, regime, and opposition and how alliances between them affect the type of civil resistance movement and their success. Also, I will investigate micro-dynamics, specifically on the question of agency of police or military personnel during large protests. In the peace building contexts, the security apparatus often offers employment for ex-combatants through DDR programs. I examine whether and why DDR programs are offered and what kind of influence they have on the peace processes.