Kjersti Lohne

University of Oslo, Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, and PRIO

Kjersti Lohne
Staff Page: www.jus.uio.no

Drafting Justice: Exploring the Role of International Non-Governmental Human Rights Organizations in Shaping International Criminal Law

Lohne’s PhD project examines the role of non-governmental organizations in enacting international criminal law. More specifically, the project proposes to examine the role of NGOs (i) as law/policymakers by examining the drafting process for the Crime of Aggression, and (ii) their role in the interplay between local communities affected by international crimes, and the institutions and bureaucracies of international criminal justice. The project aims to develop conceptual and methodological approaches of international criminology and to have applied relevance to scholarship of international criminal law. Exploring the role of non-governmental organizations within international criminal law will shed light upon how international law is both drafted and practiced, paving the way for a deeper understanding of the processes that shape the evolving juridification of global governance.