Ebba Tellander

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Ebba Tellander
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The role of civic mobilization in Somaliland’s recent history

The aim of this research project is to conduct a bottom up investigation of collective mobilization at transformative moments in Somaliland’s recent history (1980 – present). The research project will seek to answer the following research question: What role does collective mobilization play in bringing about change in defining moments of Somaliland’s recent history? It attempts to apply a holistic analysis of societal change that incorporates the deeper historical processes and its actors. These topics are seriously understudied in the Somali region. The investigation will draw on the Civic-driven change (CDC) framework as it sets out to trace ‘civic agency’ wherever it manifests itself empirically (Biekart and Fowler 2009). The lens will allow the project to trace the role of day-to-day activities that cut across different societal sectors, whose role is understudied in analyses of societal change (Goldfarb 2004, Scott 2008, Richmond 2009, Biekart and Fowler 2012, Mac Ginty 2011, Staeheli et al 2012, Horst and Lysaker forthcoming).