Dilan Gunes

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Dilan Gunes
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Transitional Justice and Prospect of Economic Development

Transitional justice (TJ) is often assumed to have the potential to contributing to goals like reintegration of groups and individuals, state-building, conflict resolution, reduced corruption, and social and economic development. However, the relationship between TJ and economic development has received less systematic attention. This study focuses on the understudied aspect of TJ research by examining potential effects on economic development. Previous research suggests that one single mechanism is insufficient to promote justice and sustainable peace, and so economic development. Consequently, this study aims to answer the question of how the implementation of different transitional justice (TJ) mechanisms in post-conflict countries (transitional societies) have an impact on the economic development in those countries. Since it is a challenge to trace the macroeconomic effect of TJ mechanisms, I use a broader concept of economic development which includes growth, poverty, inequality, social, and health aspects.