Annkatrin Tritschoks

Uppsala University, Department of Peace and Conflict Research

Annkatrin Tritschoks

Justice Adherence in International Negotiations

Over the past decades, a growing number of studies were dedicated to investigating factors that influence the effectiveness of international negotiations. Thereby the concept of justice has been recognized as a central theme. While a link between justice and effectiveness of negotiations could be established, mechanisms behind justice behaviour in international negotiations remain understudied. Thus, this project aims to answer the questions: What factors explain variation in justice adherence in international negotiations and its differing impact on effectiveness? Why do negotiators adhere to justice principles in some cases but not others? And when they do, what influences the choice of justice principles they adhere to?

Investigating underlying factors that influence justice adherence in international negotiations is essential in order to better comprehend the expectations and demands that parties bring to the table. This in turn is paramount to understanding the negotiation dynamics as they unfold at the international level. By improving our understanding of the link between justice and effectiveness in international negotiations, the project will be of relevance from both a research and policy perspective. The focus of the project will initially lie on the issue of international environmental negotiations, where justice issues play a particularly prominent role.