Gregory M. Reichberg, Professor II, University of Oslo and Research Professor, PRIO

Academic Coordinator

Kristoffer Lidén, Senior Researcher, PRIO

Administrative Coordinator

Covadonga Morales Bertrand, Researcher, PRIO

Leader of Symposiums and Trainings

Lynn P. Nygaard, Special Adviser, PRIO

Steering Group

Øyvind Østerud, Professor, University of Oslo

Kristen Ringdal, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Kristian Berg Harpviken, Director and Research Professor, PRIO

Anette Bringedal Houge, Student Representative

Mari Salberg, Student Representative (deputy)

Gregory M. Reichberg, Professor II, UiO and Research Professor, PRIO

Kristoffer Lidén, Secretary of Steering Group, Senior Researcher, PRIO